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The 150 Club is proving to be a most popular and beneficial enterprise. with approximately 150 members so far this season.
With this number the Rugby Club, benefits to the tune of £16000 per year.

The money generated goes into a separate account and is used to fund different schemes within the Rugby Club, for example £8000 paying off an RFU loan, and also buying a well needed tractor/lawn mower for the playing areas.

The remaining £8000 going back to the members by way of two free Evening dinners with drinks included[until the generous bar tab expires ]for you and your partner or friend, with prize money amounting to £1500 each evening. Top prize £500.

The 150 Club links a large group of people who want to help the club in some way without having to make large donations, and receive something in return.
and is always a pleasant way to meet new and old friends and acquaintances

So if you are not already a member, why not join us now. If you are a member, bring a friend along to one of the dinners to join up and enjoy the evenings.

Membership only costs £10 per month, or if you wish pay in full £120 for the year.

Such good value and it helps the Rugby Club continually improve its great facilities.

We are hoping to increase membership to around 180, so if you would like to join, or find out a little more, please contact.

John Stokes


Tel. 07930 416759