The 150 Club is proving to be a most popular and beneficial enterprise.
With a little under 100 shares taken so far, Diss Rugby Club already benefits to the tune of approximately £5000 per year.
Rather than being absorbed into the general fund, the money raised goes into a separate bank account, half of it to be used for specific purposes and projects, currently the Clubhouse Development Fund.
The other half comes directly back to the participants in the form of two, all-free parties each year, for members and their partners, with each party including a grand cash prize draw.
At the moment, we distribute £1000 in prizes at each draw, with the top prize being £500. With more members, however, the benefit to the Rugby Club would be greatly enhanced, the parties would be even more lavish and the cash prizes would be larger because the cash prizes plus the cost of the parties will always amount to half the total income.
So, if you are not already a member, why not join now and if you are, why not invite a friend to join? They do not necessarily have to be members of Diss RFC.
This is an enjoyable way to benefit your Rugby Club, have two great evenings out each year with your partner and have the chance to win some money.
All for £10 per month, per share. As many shares as you like.
Good value? You bet it is!
Contact the rugby club for more details